If you do not want to spend the extra money on a larger self-storage unit, you will need to learn how to maximise on the available space. Having a packing strategy is essential if you want your self-storage space to serve you well. There is nothing worse than outgrowing your storage space, especially if there are a few ways in which you can save on space or make the most of what you have available.

At Mega Storage, we have helped many of our clients to find new and innovative ways to maximise on their storage space.

Below are just ten tips and tricks for making the most of your current storage unit:

  1. Get brutal with decluttering your space. Make sure that you are not simply storing items for the sake of it. If you know you will not or do not use an item, throw it away. Do not put yourself through the stress of hoarding unwanted and unnecessary items.
  2. Create an inventory list of the items that you wish to store. This helps to create a visual idea of how you will store things.
  3. Make sure that you have good quality boxes for storage, as they stack neatly. Also invest in packing tape, as sealing the boxes is essential to protecting the goods inside.
  4. Dismantle all furniture pieces, so that they can be packed tighter and into smaller areas. Make sure that all fasteners are placed into a clear bag and taped to the furniture item that they belong to.
  5. Make a note of which items you will need to access on a regular basis. It is important to place these items together and near the front of the unit, where they will be easily accessible.
  6. Keep fragile items clearly labelled and perhaps grouped in one section of the self-storage unit.
  7. Plan to leave an aisle, so that you can walk between the boxed and stored goods easily.
  8. Place soft items like linen and pillows into bigger items, such as cupboards, fridges, washing machines, etc.
  9. Stack boxes to the ceiling to save on space. The gap just above the ceiling is often wasted.
  10. Consider installing shelving or rafters, if the self-storage facility will allow it.

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