Moving is stressful, that is an undeniable fact. When the time for the big move arrives, there are a few things that you can do to reduce the stress involved in the process. The planning, organising, and physical labour can all be rather challenging. The most challenging task of all is managing the moving around of all the possessions that seem to have gathered in the home over the years. You might think that your home is bordering on minimalist, but wait until you move. You never really know just how much stuff you have, until you have to move. We would like to share a secret with you that will help to melt away some of the moving stress that is bound to be building up. Our self-storage in Pretoria East can help to ease the load – literally.

Our self-storage units in Pretoria East are the ultimate “assistants” during times of transition. Below are three top ways (and reasons) you can use self-storage to assist with your move to, from, or around Pretoria East.

Create Space and Sell Your Property Faster.

If you are trying to sell your current home before you move, you will need to get rid of the clutter. It is a fact that a spacious home sells faster. Everyone wants a large, spacious home. You can create the feeling of more space (and literally make more space) by moving some of the clutter to a self-storage unit in Pretoria East.

Move Large Items Out, So That You Can Clean and Repair Easily.

When moving home, you need to clean and repair the property. This is especially true if you rent the property and want to receive your deposit back. This is often difficult if you have furniture items blocking the way. You might need to wash carpets, paint walls, fix curtain rails, etc. but the furniture items are in the way. Waiting until after moving day might put you behind schedule. Moving your non-essential furniture and décor items to our self-storage unit in Pretoria East will create space for you to carry out the cleaning and repair tasks that need to be done.

Separate Items You Wish to Keep from Items You Wish to Sell.

Moving home is a great time to decide which furniture pieces, décor items, and household appliances you no longer wish to hang on to. Throwing items away can result in losses. Selling items can help to fund the move. You can use a self-storage unit to house the items you wish to sell. Advertise the items online, and when interested parties would like to view items, they can meet you at the self-storage unit. This means that you will not have to cart items you no longer want to your new home. Goodbye clutter!
Ready to start preparing for your upcoming move? At Mega Storage, we have a variety of self-storage units for you to consider at our Pretoria East Facility. Simply give us a call or send us an email to learn more about the sizes available and the attached monthly rental rates.

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