An Economical And Secure Self-Storage Facility for Pretoria Residents.


It was once common practice in the suburbs of Gauteng to park the family cars in the driveway and to reserve the garage for alternative purposes. Quite often, it would become a repository for lawnmowers, scuba tanks, kayaks, camping gear, the spare beds needed for visitors at Christmas, and any item that was no longer needed but might come in handy one day. Today, however, it is no longer quite as safe to leave expensive cars on a suburban driveway and many residents of the Jacaranda City now need a self-storage facility in the Pretoria area in which to keep their less-frequently used treasures.

Of course, there are several reasons why one might need to hire extra space and often, it will only be required for a relatively short period. For example, your home might be undergoing a major makeover or an extension and it is necessary to find somewhere to keep some furniture until the building work is complete. Naturally, you want somewhere that will be safe, accessible, and affordable. The best solution is likely to be a self-storage unit that is within easy reach of your Pretoria home.

Perhaps you own a small retail business but don’t have enough floor space to accommodate all the spare stock you need to carry. Moving to larger premised is not only a costly exercise but there is also a danger that you could lose a lot of your customers during the transition. Why take that risk or pay high rentals that could erode your profits when, for a relatively modest sum, you could keep all the spare stock you require in a convenient self-storage unit in a suburb of Pretoria?

Maybe it’s a speedboat, a trailer, a beach buggy, or a vintage car – something that you use only when you have some spare time but want to keep safe for those fun occasions. There’s no need to leave such items exposed where they might attract the attention of some opportunistic thief. Instead, they could be kept safe and secure not too far from home in one of the self-storage facilities in the Pretoria area.

Whatever the reason you might require some extra space and regardless of what you may intend to store in it, you are certain to want some assurance that your property will be safe both from intruders and the elements, while not costing you an arm and a leg. Mega Storage offers solid brick self-storage units with 24-hour security in the Pretoria suburbs of Silverton and Montana. There are more than 500 units available at low monthly rates and with no deposit.

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