Office Overflowing, Transitioning, or Downsizing? Get a Self-Storage Unit in Pretoria!

Is your office overflowing with documents, or are you looking to transition, downsize to a smaller home or build a bigger one? In recent years, the self-storage industry has re-invented itself, benefiting from savvy construction and modern security that have turned self-storage into a popular service.

With over 44 000 self-storage facilities in the USA alone, South Africans are also witnessing a massive demand. While South Africans certainly are not going out of their way for a service they need not use, it is just that today, we consume a lot more than we used to, and so, we have a greater need for the extra space. Units are convenient and can serve as an extra garage or storeroom.

Today, homeowners, renters, and businesses are using these units to store all types of belongings. Dependent on the unit size, you can store just about anything, with a few exceptions. While homeware, documents, books, tools, equipment, and machinery are perfectly suited, even storing vehicles and small boats are acceptable, but only if registered, insured and in operational condition. However, you cannot store perishables, seeds, water, chemicals, or anything explosive or combustible. And you cannot store animals or plants – dead or alive. But these units are not just convenient, they are also safe, secure, and offer flexible rental plans.

We Provide an Affordable, Clean, and Secure Storage Facility in Pretoria

At Mega Storage in Pretoria, we offer clients the opportunity to rent units at low monthly rates with a 0% deposit on unit rentals for six months or more. Many customers like the flexibility of month-to-month rentals, and we let you use the unit for the time you need it only. This means we do not tie you down to a long-term rental contract.

The safety and security of your possessions are a top priority, and our 18 m² climate-controlled units maintain a steady temperature, making them ideal for electronics, appliances, documents, musical instruments, equipment, vehicles, and wood, metal, and leather furniture.

Making use of multiple layers of security, we use 24-hour CCTV surveillance, electric fencing, and an alarm system with an armed response, and we provide padlocks with each unit. Our facility is paved and well lit, and can only be accessed via our electronic gate with strict electronic access control between 06:00 and 18:00 each day.

If you need an affordable, safe, and convenient self-storage unit in Pretoria, then you know what to do – get in touch with Mega Storage. We make it a point to provide well-looked-after facilities for our customers, keeping their valuables safe and secure.

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