How Self-Storage Facilities in Pretoria Can Save You or Your Business Money

In our economy, everyone is looking for ways to bring in extra income and reduce rentals and business costs. A great way to do this is with self-storage facilities. Although self-storage isn’t free, if used smartly, it can save you or your business money.

Rent Out a Space in Your Home or Office 

Just about every South African is struggling to make ends meet, with many in Pretoria jumping onto the Airbnb bandwagon. Whether it is the garage, bedroom, or study, place furniture and valuables in self-storage and rent out the extra space to a student, tourist, or single professional, and start earning a lucrative extra income. The same goes for your business premises. If you have extra space for another professional, sublet and start saving big. You can even share costs, such as stationery and supplies, further reducing your monthly expenses.

Secure Costly Equipment and Important Business Documents

It is no secret that crime is high in many parts of Pretoria and Johannesburg, and with insurance companies fighting tooth and nail to avoid pay-outs, theft of pricey equipment, documents, tools, and sports gear can place a serious burden on any budget. While most large businesses have high-tech security in place, many small businesses in Pretoria, such as plumbers, builders, painters, engineers, mechanics, and landscapers find it much safer and far less of a financial risk to store their tools and equipment at a secure location.

Security and safety are of top priority at self-storage facilities. Providing multiple layers of security that include 24-hour CCTV surveillance and security, self-storage units allow renters the freedom to access their possessions as many times a day as required.

If, for whatever reason, you have decided self-storage is right for you, be sure to look at Mega Storage in Pretoria. Our conveniently located climate-controlled units just make good financial sense.

Mega Storage Has the Self-Storage Solution for You

At Mega Storage, we can store just about anything, such as vehicles, small boats, trailers, furniture, documents, books, tools, equipment, and machinery. Offering 530 units of 18 m² each, we offer low month-to-month rates with no deposit required on rentals for six months or more. And you are free to terminate your contract at short notice should the need arise.

Whether you require short- or long-term storage – with storage facilities in Pretoria and Montana – storage has never been more convenient and cost-effective. Visit our facilities today. Our friendly consultants are ready to give you a tour of our units and answer any questions you may have regarding your valued possessions.


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