Montana Application

1Online Application
2Tenant Details
3Address (Physical & Postal)
5Alternative contacts
6Unit Access


Please note the following (before continuing):
1. Cell numbers and e-mail address are VERY important.
2. There is an option to pay for 12 months in advance and get the 13th month free. This doesn’t have to be done by debit order, but payable into our bank account (Bank details are below).
3. Companies and Close Corporations – please complete details of director/member responsible for the account.
4. Once you have signed the lease agreement, we will send you a digital and/or print version.

The Following Initial Amounts Are Payable Immediately (Before occupancy can occur):
i. First calendar month rental (please note this is NOT a deposit), plus
ii. Pro-rata for the current month, plus
iii.Admin fee of R250 (Incl VAT)

This total amount must be paid into the following bank account before the unit/s can be allocated:
- ABSA (632005)
- Sinovich Investments (Pty) Ltd
- Account number 1007450903
Once you have been given a Unit number, please use your Unit Number, Name and Surname as reference when making payments.

5.IMPORTANT CLAUSES IN THE LEASE AGREEMENT (refer to lease for complete terms and conditions):
a.We require a FULL CALENDAR MONTH’s notice if you want to vacate the store. No pro rata rental will be refundable if you vacate the store during a month.
b.The lease is for an indefinite period, subject to notice by both parties as per 5a. above
c.Increases will be communicated by 1 month’s written notice
d.Rental is payable by the 2nd calendar day of every month. First calendar month, pro rata and admin fees are payable immediately by bank transfer.
e.Please refer to clause 13 (In The Terms and Conditions) for procedures when accounts are in arrears.
f.Access allowed only between 8h00 and 18h00 daily and access will be denied if the account is in arrears.
g.g.All arrangements, notices, etc HAS to be in WRITING
h.Tenant is responsible for INSURANCE of contents and has to cover for all risks, including (but not limited) to theft and fire.

6. On submission of this online form, we will print your details and attach them to to the Terms and Conditions - Which you will be required to sign and initial on arriving at Mega Storage (Silverton or Montana). We will keep the original copy of the lease agreement and mail you a signed digital version.

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