Self Storage

Self-Storage Units and Facilities in Pretoria

Do you want to rent a personal self-storage unit in Pretoria? Mega Storage is your answer! We offer a wide variety of storage units that range over different types and sizes to suit your needs. We also have various facilities located across Pretoria to ensure that you can rent a unit that is closest to your home or workplace. Our units are priced based on the size, type, and intended rental period, ensuring that you can get a fair price that will fit your budget and not blow it out of the water.

What Can I Store in my Self-Storage Unit?

People utilise self-storage units for a plethora of applications that are ideal for off-site storage. With the COVID-19 pandemic, several people pivoted to work from home as opposed to working in an office or a similar environment where they are exposed to catching and spreading the virus. Several businesses made a digital pivot as well, utilising the internet and social media platforms to drive business to their eCommerce websites. As such, you need a safe and secure storage space for products when running a business from your home.

On a personal note, having your very own self-storage unit will allow you to unclutter your home instantly – getting rid of old furniture and broken appliances by relocating them to your off-site storage space. This process can free up some much-needed space at home and can also simplify the moving process when moving into a new home. Organisation is key when moving your belongings and household items from your old home and into your new home. With one of our units, you can easily keep track of packed boxes and appliances that are ready to be moved, while having an easier time to pack up the remaining rooms.

When Can I Access My Self-Storage Unit?

Our facilities are open to our customers between 7 AM and 7 PM on any day of the week. We employ around-the-clock guards to protect the contents of your storage unit, giving you the peace of mind that everything will be there when you return. Our storage facilities also feature on-site offices that are operational during regular business hours and closed on Sundays and public holidays. Therefore, if you run into a problem while accessing your storage unit, you can refer to our offices for assistance.

Mega Storage is your first choice when it comes to self-storage units in Pretoria and Gauteng. Please contact us directly to enquire about unit availability and pricing and take advantage of your own off-site storage space with us on your side.

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