The items listed here are available at both our Silverton and Montana facilities.

Brown Buff Tape: R30.00

100m buff tape

Fragile items tape:  R25.00

100m fragile items tape

Clear Tape  R29.00

50m clear tape

Large box:  R45.00

Size: 60cmx45cmx30cm

Small box:  R30.00

Size: 45cmx30cmx30cm

Medium box:  R40.00


Red Ski Rope:  R110.00

Length: 7mmX30m

Q20:  R95.00

Q20 moisture repellent (150gram)

Lock:  R75.00

Single padlock (70mm)

Red Gloves:  R30.00

Red protective latex gloves

Bungee Cord:  R60.00

2-piece bungee cord

Tape Dispenser:  R160.00

Metal tape dispenser

Bubble Wrap:  R150.00

Bubble Wrap – 42cm X 100mm

Palet Wrap:  R150.00

Size: 45cmx40cm

Permanent Markers:  R25.00

Black permanent markers

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