Self-Storage Facilities

Personal Self-Storage Solutions

A personal self-storage unit can give you access to secure and accessible facilities to store a variety of items that take up space at home. A little extra space can go a long way when uncluttering your home or moving into a new home. If you want to rent such a space for yourself, Mega Storage offers facilities in Pretoria that can be your solution to extra space.

What is the Cost of a Self-Storage Unit?

Our storage facilities in Pretoria offer a selection of unit sizes and types to choose from. We offer month-to-month rental and long-term lease options, where the price of a unit will be determined by the size and type of the unit on a month-to-month basis. For long-term options, additional factors such as the intended rental period and availability will also be considered to determine the costs. As a result, Mega Storage caters to your personal needs, allowing you to commit to a long-term lease if you plan to rent a unit over an extended period.

When Can I Access My Self-Storage Unit?

Our self-storage facilities are open for you to access your storage unit any day of the week, between 7 AM and 7 PM. Our facilities are guarded around the clock as well, ensuring that your stored items are safe and secure. Our on-site offices will also be open from 8 AM to 5 PM, with the exception of Sundays and public holidays when our offices will be closed for the day.

How Can I Use the Extra Space?

With your own personal self-storage unit, you can use it to store personal items that clutter up your home. Items such as broken appliances and unused furniture can clog up the kitchen, living room, and garage at home. Now, you have a feasible solution to get rid of such items without being forced to immediately sell them or throw them out.

Working from home can also require you to move your work from an office space to your own personal space at home. With a self-storage unit at one of our facilities, you have the space to store cabinets, products, or equipment without filling your home to the brim. Therefore, there are several good reasons for having your own storage unit.

Mega Storage is your first choice when you are looking for a self-storage facility in Pretoria. Feel free to contact us directly for unit prices and availability today. Enjoy the freedom of some extra space with us on your side.

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