Self-Storage Facilities in Pretoria

Are you looking for self-storage solutions in Pretoria? Mega Storage is your first choice! We have storage facilities in Zambezi, Montana, Sinoville, and Silverton – with various sizes of storage units to suit your needs. Whether you need a short- or long-term solution, we offer both options and consider the period over which you rent a storage unit into the monthly rental price. Therefore, you can expect fair and affordable prices when choosing us for your self-storage needs!

How Can I Utilise a Self-Storage Unit?

Self-storage space can be utilised for several applications. Most homes in Pretoria use a spare bedroom or garage as a storage area for old/broken furniture and appliances. Instead of dealing with the pressure to either sell or get rid of such items, you can simply relocate them to your self-storage unit and start utilising the extra space at home. Now, you will have a room that can be transformed into whatever you need at home – the possibilities are endless!

We all want that perfect home that has enough space and is in an ideal area. However, nobody wants to deal with the headache of moving into a new home. With a self-storage unit in Pretoria, that process becomes more organised and structured – allowing you to relocate furniture, appliances, and already packed boxes to an off-site storage facility to keep better track of everything that moves with you.

Monthly Rental Prices on a Self-Storage Unit

Mega Storage offers short- and long-term lease agreements on our self-storage units in Pretoria. For a basic 18-m² unit, you can expect to pay around R795 per month. If you wish to enquire about a specific unit’s availability and price, you can contact us directly and get the necessary info. Our selection of self-storage units range between 18 m² and 72 m² to give you the freedom to find the perfect size to accommodate your needs.

Prohibited Items

Mega Storage does not allow the storage of hazardous, illegal, stolen, flammable, explosive, or environmentally harmful goods. We also don’t allow the storage of perishables and consumables, or any goods that pose a risk to any of our storage facilities or the property of any other person who has a storage unit.

When you need a safe, secure, and accessible solution to self-storage in Pretoria, Mega Storage is your answer! Please browse our website for details on our self-storage facilities and feel free to contact us today to enquire about unit availability and rental prices!

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