Self-Storage Units

Your Solution to Self-Storage in Pretoria

Self-storage units can be your solution in several scenarios where you need more space. Whether you want to unclutter your home, start working from home, or move into a new home, a self-storage unit delivers the additional space that you need. Mega Storage offers unit of different types and sizes to ensure that you can get the ideal unit for your requirements. We also offer short- and long-term payment options to fit your monthly budget. Our premises are guarded around the clock to secure the contents of your unit as well.

Utilising a Self-Storage Unit to Unclutter My Home

Old furniture and appliances tend to take up unnecessary space as these items are large and can be sold as opposed to being thrown away. Unfortunately, selling such items can be challenging and time-consuming. With a self-storage unit, you can move old furniture and household appliances out of your home and into a secure facility – where you have access to these items without having them take up valuable space at home.

I Need a Home Office to Efficiently Work from Home

With the COVID-19 pandemic, several businesses went digital to allow their employees to work from home and communicate via the internet. If you are working from home already, you know the challenges involved in such an endeavour, and a self-storage unit can resolve the space issue. Selling products from home can also clutter up your home. With an off-site secure storage solution, you can store your products and have access to them any day of the week. Our premises are accessible from 7 AM to 7 PM, 7 days a week, giving you the freedom to access your products whenever you need.

I Am Moving into a New Home

The process of moving homes is tedious and can serve up some speedbumps along the way. With a self-storage unit on your side, you can relocate your already-packed boxes and household appliances before-hand to ensure that you can keep track of what still needs to be packed and what will stay behind. Luckily, the pricings of our units are based on the period over which you intend to rent the unit, with month-to-month payment options as well to allow you to take full advantage of off-site storage when moving into a new home.

Mega Storage is your first choice when you need a self-storage unit in Pretoria. Please contact us directly for enquiries on unit availability and prices. Capitalise on off-site secure storage solutions today with Mega Storage on your side.

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