Self-Storage Units in Pretoria

Are you looking for self-storage units in Pretoria? Mega Storage is your comprehensive solution! We offer storage facilities in Montana, Sinoville, Zambezi, and Silverton to give you a wide coverage of the northern, eastern, and Moot areas. Our facilities are safe and secure, easily accessible to our customers, and we offer our storage units at a 0% deposit rate to give you ultimate customer satisfaction. In this article, we talk about self-storage unit applications and what you can gain from personal storage on both personal and professional levels with Mega Storage.

The Ideal Location

When renting one of our self-storage units, you have a choice between 4 distinct locations to give you the means to pick an ideal facility in your vicinity. Our facilities deliver 12-hour daily access periods to your self-storage unit – no matter the day of the week or whether it is a public holiday. As a result, you have peace of mind that you can access your storage unit whenever you need to. This also allows for increased applications for your personal and professional gain. Our facilities also feature 24/7 guards to ensure that the contents of your storage unit are not compromised.

The Ideal Self-Storage Unit

Mega Storage offers 2 types of self-storage units that include a typical brick-walled unit and an office-style unit that can be used as your personal remote working solution. Our typical storage unit size is 3 m x 6 m to give you 18 m² of useful floorspace. Our office-style unit features power outlets, a trellis door, and a glass sliding door to create a professional work environment that is safe, secure, and functional. As a result, you can rent the ideal unit type and size to suit your specific needs.

The Ideal Rental Package

Mega Storage offers fair and tailored rental packages for our customers. Our prices are based on the type and size of the unit that you intend to rent, as well as the period over which you want to rent the unit. Short rental periods are ideal for moving homes or storage while going on holiday, while medium- to long-term rental periods are more suited to uncluttering your home and working from home. You can also put in a booking request on our website by completing a quick and easy form.

Mega Storage is your answer to self-storage units in Pretoria! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available services and to locate your nearest and most convenient location today. Get your hands on a self-storage unit with Mega Storage on your side!

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