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When you need a self-storge unit over the upcoming holiday season, Mega Storage is your answer to storage facilities in Pretoria! We have 4 storage facilities in Pretoria to ensure that you can locate the most convenient location to your home or place of work. Now, you have the means to unclutter your home, free up some useful space for the holiday season, or use the offsite space to your advantage when moving into a new home. Today, we will discuss how our storge facilities can work to your benefit – even over the holidays.


In most households in Pretoria, there is that one room that is used as a storage space for broken appliances and old furniture. That room could be a spare bedroom, large living room, or even the garage. With family coming over, that spare bedroom could be valuable, or the large living room could be used for opening presents on Christmas eve. With Mega Storage’s storage facilities, you can utilise the offsite storage space to free up enough room to ensure that the holidays at your home will be unforgettable this year.


During the COVID-19 outbreak, may people pivoted to start working from home. This meant that these people had to create a functional work environment in their homes – whether it was a studio or office. Our storage facilities are secure and guarded around the clock to give you the peace of mind that the contents of your storage unit are safe and protected. Therefore, you can utilise offsite storage to your advantage to get the job done at home and have everything that you need without worrying about space shortage.


Our storage facilities in Pretoria offer 12-hour daily access to our customers – on any day of the week. This means that you can work on your own schedule and do not need to wait for a specific day or time to access your storage unit. Our storge facilities are in Montana, Zambezi, Silverton, and Sinoville respectively. As a result, you simply choose your closest and most convenient facility and have access to your storage unit whenever you need it.

Mega Storage is your solution to accessible and secure storage facilities in Pretoria. Please browse our website for details on our storage facilities and contact us directly to enquire about unit availability and pricing. Utilise some extra space in your life with us on your side over this upcoming holiday season!

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