Storage Facilities in Pretoria

Secure and Accessible Storage Facilities in Pretoria

When you need your own personal self-storage unit, Mega Storage is your answer in Pretoria! We offer 4 locations in Pretoria and can accommodate your preferences – whether you only want a small space over a short period or a larger space for and extended period. We take the unit’s size, type, availability, and intended rental period into consideration to calculate a fair and affordable price that falls within your budget. Moreover, you can access your storage unit any day of the week.

Everybody Loves More Space

Over the past few years, people have transformed rooms and/or spaces in their homes into professional and work environments to ensure that they can attend online meetings and get work done efficiently from home on days where they cannot attend work in person. If you are cramped for space, a self-storage unit at one of our facilities in Pretoria can be your gateway to more space at home – without the rush to immediately sell or throw out anything. When cleaning out a room from old furniture and broken appliances, you will simply relocate these items to your storage unit, allowing you to utilise the extra space at home immediately.

When Can I Access My Storage Unit?

Our facilities are open to our clients for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week – giving you the freedom to access the contents of your storage unit whenever you want or need to. This opens the door to utilise our storage facilities in various methods. If you work from home and sell products out of your garage, kitchen, or living room, you can relocate your products to our secure facilities in Pretoria and enjoy a clutter-free home. You can also utilise a self-storage unit when moving into a new home.

The Ideal Self-Storage Solution for Your Needs

Some people only need a storage unit for a limited amount of time, while others can utilise the benefits of an offsite and secure storage space over extended periods. No matter the intended rental period, we can assist with suitable rental plans to accommodate your needs. We also offer storage units of different types and sizes to allow you to have the ideal amount of space for the items that you wish to store at our facilities in Pretoria.

Mega Storage is your all-inclusive answer when it comes to storage facilities in Pretoria. With locations in Montana, Sinoville, Silverton, and Zambezi, you are covered when you need an accessible storage solution that is close to your home or workplace. Please contact us directly for enquiries on our available storage units today.

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