Self-Storage Successes

At Mega Storage, our establishment that offers excellent rental space in individual, secure units at two separate self-storage facilities in Pretoria,we’ve decided to look at the somewhat bigger picture of our growing industry.

Growing DIY Tendency

We’ve also discovered that the global picture in the world of self-storage depicts a really big, wide world, much larger than one might think, which indirectly reflects the popularity of an ever-growing DIY tendency in this and umpteen other fields.

Origins and Brief History

As so often happens when one is questioning origins, the niche self-storage industry may be older – younger – than one would have expected. However, in the greater scheme of things historical, the advent and popularity of the modern self-storage unit has existed for less than 100 years – taking 2021 as a base from which to establish relative age. Let’s explore some countries where it existed.

  • Ancient China and Sixties’ Texas: Apparently, evidence has been found that suggests that some type of provision for storing goods was available to the public in ancient China.The modern versions of such facilities only emerged in the latter part of the 1960s, in America, in Texas, where dwellings seldom feature basements (due to temperatures and the front line) in which to accommodate possessions, not in everyday use.
  • The UK and Europe: In 1979, the first such facility was established in the London city centre, where space in general, but particularly space for storage, has always been in short supply. Additionally, depending on the area, the availability of extra space within a home may indicate that the dwelling is exceptionally expensive, within the means of only very wealthy residents, who can afford most luxuries with relative ease. 

Self-storage units vary in type and size nowadays, usually according to whatever and how much they are designed to contain. Temporary tenants, in search of a safe space in which to keep their possessions, rent units for short, medium, and occasionally, lengthy periods of time.

In 2014, it was estimated that the approximate numbers of facilities were as follows:

  • 54 000 –USA
  • 975 – UK
  • 430 – France
  • 264 – The Netherlands
  • 210 – Spain
  • 131 – Germany
  • 112 – Sweden


At Mega, the combined number of units on offer at both Pretoria premises totals 860.

  • 530 – Silverton
  • 330 – Montana

Depending on location, the sizes of our units vary between 18 m2 and 72 m2 – ample space to satisfy most clients’ requirements.

Mega’s monthly rental fees are low; no deposit is required, which makes our extra space solutions really practical and affordable. Each client holds his/her own lockup key, ensuring exclusive use of, access, entry and exit of every occupied, secure, private unit. Premises, perimeter, boundaries and gates are secured. Likewise, 24/7, every day of the safe self-storage year – at Mega’s purpose-built, fully paved premises.

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