Storage in Pretoria

No-Fuss, Safe Self-Storage in Pretoria

Pretoria, which would become the administrative capital of the Republic of South Africa, was founded in 1855 on the banks of the Apies River and later, it would also be selected as the capital city of the ZAR (the early South African Republic).

The early settlers that journeyed from the Cape across unknown plains and over rugged mountains to settle Pretoria faced a trek that was long, arduous, and fraught with hazards. Families loaded their wagons with all they possessed and everything they could transport. They had no home base and had to store all they owned with them as they travelled in their primitive transportation.

Not only did these travellers need storage, but Pretoria residents have, since the earliest days, needed sufficient space to store their possessions. Even today, we cannot always have all our things with us. You might be moving and need temporary space to store your stuff or you might run out of space at your current abode – of after you’ve moved to a smaller one. Whatever the reason may be, people always have and probably always will need some additional storage space from time to time.

Modern, Safe Storage in Pretoria

Certainly, whatever ingenious stowagemethods people devised in years long forgotten, they were undoubtedly completely different from – and far more primitive than –the modern, safe, and secure storage facilities provided to clients of your specialised self-storage service provider in Pretoria, Mega Storage. For your convenience, we have established two of these dedicated premises, one in each of Pretoria’s Silverton and Montana suburbs – both situated towards the northeast of the city and easily accessible from the N1 and N4 freeways.

The most important and attractive features of our DIY facilities include the following:

  • 24-hour security to ensure that your possessions are safe at all times.
  • No deposit required.
  • Remarkably affordable rates.
  • 530 units available.
  • The size of each unit is 18 m2.
  • Face bricks and mortar were used to construct each neatly finished, solid, and secure unit.
  • All areas and driveways within the guarded premises are neatly paved with bricks and easy to keep tidy, minimising the amount of dust that may accumulate over time on your stored belongings.
  • You have virtually unlimited access to your possessions.

Irrespective of whether you require a space to keep your office equipment, household furniture and effects, documents, overflow stock, vehicles, trailers, or the contents of an overfull garage tucked away safely, Mega Storage in Pretoria offers you affordable, safe solutions, sadly never an option for our forefathers.

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