Self Storage Units

Self-Storage Units Save the Day

Why do people store some or all of their possessions? Why don’t they simply keep their goods where they live, or take a more ruthless approach by just getting rid of whatever it is that they’re not using, or perhaps adopting an “if you don’t use it, you lose it” approach? After all, if you’re not using it, (whatever “it” may be), do you really want or need to use it ever again? Have you considered selling the item/s?

As almost everyone who makes use of our self-storage units at Mega Storage in Pretoria will attest, the fundamental reason for renting our facilities boils down to a lack of sufficient space where one can stow currently unused or excess goods safely and securely.

There are undoubtedly more specific reasons too. You may only occasionally require the things you chose to store. Selling anything that’s pre-used for a fraction of its real value and original price doesn’t make financial sense. Moreover, selling such items in haste or when there’s pressure to clear them out or declutter invariably means that one ends up selling for next to nothing.

Renting an affordable self-storage unit from Mega makes sound sense on most levels.

  • Choice of two easily accessible self-storage locations – Silverton and Montana.
  • Low, affordable monthly rental rates.
  • No deposit required.
  • Month-to-month rental.
  • Grant total of 860 sturdy, neat units available – 530 at Silverton and 330 at Montana premises.
  • Standard 18m2 unit size at Silverton.
  • Unit sizes vary between 18m2 and 72m2 at our Montana facilities.
  • Fully paved driveways and surrounds at both locations.
  • Secured perimeter boundaries and entrance/exit gates.
  • 24-hour security.
  • Optimal DIY/self-help convenience – you or your self-storage facilitykeyholder have access to your unit as and when it suits you, within our minimally-restrictive, maximally-convenient parameters.
  • Mega Storage office hours are designed to enhance the client convenience experience at our dual facilities.

Unless you decide otherwise, free of stress and pressure, don’t get rid of or feel compelled to sell your:

  • excess stock;
  • documents and files;
  • occasionally used or currently unused office equipment;
  • household items or the entire content of your home or office during a move;
  • appliances;
  • caravan and/or trailer;
  • surfboards and skis;
  • tents, camping and gardening equipment;
  • vehicles and trailers;
  • tools, gadgets or knick-knacks; or
  • just about anything and everything.

As virtually every estate agent, owner or tenant of a home, office or industrial premises will tell you – you never have enough or too much space – and that most certainly includes cupboards, garage, and general storage space.

However, don’t let this issue worry you or make you lose sleep, not when Mega can save the day by offeringyou well-maintained, secure, safe, and conveniently accessible self-storage units at low rentals,in the east/north-eastern suburbs of Pretoria.

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