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Mega Self-Storage Options in Pretoria

Do you have goods and possessions like household or office furniture, files, documents and records, equipment, trailers, or vehicles that are presently not in use but are taking up extra space that could and should be better utilised at your home, office, storeroom, or garage in or near Pretoria?

Alternative Option

You do not want to get rid of these items, but at the same time, suitable space to house them until they are needed again presents a clear problem. It is obvious that you require an alternative storage option, one that will not cost you an arm and a leg, despite typically substantial rentals in Pretoria.

Some may still perceive that warehousing their currently unused possessions is very costly. This is perfectly understandable, since before the advent of self-storage facilities in Pretoria and elsewhere in South Africa, the only companies that offered similar amenities were full-service moving or removal organisations.

Traditional Extra Costs

Such companies provided a host of additional labour-intensive services that significantly increased their operating costs, which were largely passed on to their clients, making their services relatively expensive.

Certain factors created extra costs for the moving company and its clients. Additional services usually included specialised packing and packaging, secure handling, loading and offloading, insurance, and suitable transport. Ever-increasing labour costs also had to be included.

Moreover, individual loads were/are housed in large, communal warehouses, typically shared with the stored possessions of others. Access to warehouses and goods contained within the warehouse was restricted, because these facilities were not designed for individual, exclusive use.

Enhanced Options in Pretoria

The typical scenario has largely changed. Options have been enhanced by the addition of self-storage facilities, in this instance, in Pretoria. Mega Storage specialises in the provision of secure storeroom services, conveniently located in outlying suburbs of Pretoria. One of our premises is situated in the east, in Silverton, whilst the other is in Montana.

Both suburbs are close to a number of modern highway systems, ensuring that both are easily and conveniently reached by clients who require secure, extra spaces in which to house their goods that are temporarily not in use.

Unlike many other similar concerns, we do not require a deposit from tenants who make use of our remarkably affordable self-storage facilities. Monthly rates are low, and the safety and security of your property is paramount. 


  • 530 units
  • Size 18 m2


  • 330 units
  • Size options, between 18 m2 – 72 m2

At both Pretoria premises, areas within our perimeter boundaries are fully paved, ensuring that air-borne dust and debris is kept to a minimum for the protection of your goods, housed in our fully enclosed, lock-up units, provided for your exclusive access and use. Mega Storage is proud to offer you mega self-storage options.

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