Storage Facilities in Pretoria

Into and Out of Secure Self-Storage Facilities in Pretoria

There are almost as many reasons why people need to place some or all their possession into storage facilities in Pretoria as there are folks who make use of these facilities.Almost everyone’s circumstances are unique, particularly in a cosmopolitan city like Pretoria,where a portion of the population always seems to be on the move, to and from various parts of the world.

  • Relocating or downsizing a household or business into smaller premises, which offers insufficient space to accommodate everything.
  • Storing goods temporarily, after vacating old premises before the new accommodation is available for occupation or during a major relocation.
  • After being given an imminent deadline to vacate a home or office which has been sold, without having secured new premises yet.

Too Much Plus Too Small

What about too many possessions crammed into too small a space? People in Pretoriaor elsewhere, gradually become aware that their homes, offices, or industrial premises are over-filled with furniture, files, tools, equipment, and spare components that will come in handy again one day. Usually, no one knows when that day and date and is likely to be.

Keep vs Dispose

In the meanwhile, something needs to be done to declutter, tidy up and take stock of what one is currently using or must have readily on hand versus the things of which one should rid oneself, those no longer in use and unlikely to be used again. Getting rid of goods is pretty straightforward – dump, give away or sell.

However, when one wants to declutter while still keeping currently extraneous possessions for use at a later date, irrespective of when that may be, there’s a savvy solution in Pretoria, and it’s possibly even simpler than permanent disposal of unused possessions. In a way, the solution represents the best of both “keep” and “dispose” worlds, although disposal is only temporary, aka into self-storage.

Mega’s Solutions

This is when you find yourself one of Pretoria’smost popular storage facilities.To many, that means finding the Mega Storage facilitythat’s most conveniently located, or the one that offers a range of differently sized, individual self-storageunits.

In Montana, Pretoria,330 units range in size between 18m2 and 72m2, whilst in Silverton, 530 units comprise 18m2. Montana’s 18m2 facilities’ monthly rental rates are currently R775.00 and in Silverton, the same sized units are availableat R795,00 monthly. No deposits are required at Mega.

When you need spacein which to place your precious possessions safely and securely on a month-to-month (or optional longer-term) rental basis, very little, if anything beats Mega’s no-deposit, affordable self-storagefacilitiesin Pretoria’s Silverton and Montana suburbs.

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