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Super, Safe, and Secure Storage Units in Pretoria

Do you live or work in Pretoria or in the broader vicinity of the Jacaranda City? Do you have enough storage space at home, or is your dwelling, garage, or garden shed threatening to overflow with the amount of less frequently or completely unused goods that you have placed in there – things with which you do not want to part, just yet?

Where Is It?

You know that you have a particular tool somewhere in there, but you simply cannot find it without potentially unpacking the entire lot, and that is the last thing you want to do. You do not have the time or the inclination to start searching, because, in a city like Pretoria, there are many more important or attractive things to be done.

Avoiding Willy-Nilly Disposal

Perhaps your office storeroom is filled to capacity, but the files, documents, unused furniture, and pieces of excess office equipment are piled up almost all the way to the ceiling, and the stacks still keep expanding. On the other hand, you may be moving to smaller premises, where you will not require everything you own, items of value that you do not wish to dispose of in a hurried, willy-nilly fashion.

Between Old and New Pretoria Premises

Alternatively, you may be awaiting the completion of your new factory, office, or abode, having already vacated your old building. Consequently, you desperately need to find extra storage space or a really large storage unit in Pretoria, a place that can accommodate all your belongings safely and securely, until you are ready to settle again.

Maximise Available Space with Mega Storage

At our facility in Pretoria, we offer you a choice of secure, dedicated units that cater for anyone and everyone who requires additional space in which to keep their possessions that are not currently in use. Moreover, these units and our business model are designed specifically for self-storage, which allows our tenants to have exclusive access to their units, as and when it suits them, within a few basic parameters, related to security.

Monthly rates are low. We do not tie clients down to lengthy contracts, so they enjoy superior flexibility. No deposit is required. Units range in sizes, enabling our clients to select the most cost-effective option that suits their space needs perfectly. Our units are located in two Pretoria suburbs:


  • 530 units18 m2


  • 330 units18 m2 – 72 m2

Vehicles and trailers can also be accommodated in our facilities. It is simple, quick, and easy to contact us online, likewise, to obtain a quick quote from Mega Storage. We look forward to providing you with a modern, safe, secure storage solution in Pretoria, in an affordable unit of your choice, ensuring that your space at home, work, or elsewhere is fit for purpose and uncluttered.

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