Self-Storage Pretoria East

Alternative Perspective on Pretoria East’s Latest Self-Storage Trends

Unless you live in a home of enormous proportions, you probably do not have enough storage space for all your possessions that are not in frequent use, likewise your office or industrial premises. Nowadays, properties and newly built structures seem to have shrunk, the latter lacking adequate storage space, and the former too small to allow for the construction of an additional storage facility.

Smaller Equals Less Space

Urban areas are more densely populated. There is less vacant land; and that which is available is selling at a premium, particularly in and around popular suburbs like Pretoria East. Building costs are high too, which increases selling prices. Decreasing the sizes of structures is a method of containing costs.

Consequently, many occupants lack sufficient space to house goods. It becomes difficult to keep homes, workplaces, and garages neat, tidy, and uncluttered, notwithstanding all the mod cons of the 21st century, our technological age.

Electronic and Actual Self-Storage

Man’s reliance on technology extends to gathering, storing, and securing information for whenever they choose to access and use the information and data they have decided to store electronically. In this instance, information is kept in one secure, convenient, and easily accessible location – a modern computer or similarly equipped mobile device, capable of data storage.

This highlights a certain indirect correlation between exceptionally practical and convenient computerised information technologies and the fundamental function of our business – providing our clients with modern, state-of-the-art self-storage facilities. Mega Storage, our specialised concern, is situated at two different addresses, both in Pretoria East.

Much like computers, our Pretoria East self-storage units enable our clients to make use of a dedicated space in which to gather and store whatever they wish to retain for later use, keeping contents safe and secure, with users having independent access to stored items whenever it suits them (within a few practical parameters, mainly related to security and the logistics thereof).

Respectively, these facilities offer actual or virtual self-storage functions and convenient access, and are intended to keep stored items safe and secure.

Pretoria East Premises

Both our locations are easily accessible via the highways that surround Pretoria East. Monthly rentals on both are low and affordable. No deposit is required at either of our fully paved, secure locations.


  • Conveniently served by the N4 in Pretoria East
  • 530 units, each a spacious 18 m2
  • 24-hour security


  • Situated towards the northern part of Pretoria East, just 1,6 km off Zambezi Drive and close to the highway off-ramp of the same name
  • 330 units, with a selection of sizes, from 18 m2 – 72 m2

In keeping with the convenient, current technological trends, we look forward to receiving your convenient online or telephonic enquiry for self-storage facilities in Pretoria East, irrespective of where you are located in the greater Pretoria region and beyond.

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