Sought-After DIY Modern Self-Storage Facilities

DIY, in all its guises, is big business today, so much so that many companies and retailers have specific DIY sections, there are multiple DIY and “how to” publications, and the internet features “how to” and DIY articles aplenty because the demand is there. People want to do “it” themselves because it is satisfying and usually more cost-effective.

Now and Then

Doing it yourself (DIY) has become an exceptionally popular way of accomplishing tasks nowadays, in numerous spheres, typically involving repairs and maintenance, building, construction, or assembly. However, a few generations ago, you usually tried to do it yourself, (whatever “it” may have been), for one of a few reasons.

Then, you might not have been able to afford to engage the services of a professional craftsman or company that specialised in what you needed to be done. Perhaps you did not want to part with the fee charged by another or you simply fancied the challenge of accomplishing “it” by relying on your own wits, common sense, and skills.

Specially Designed Self-Storage Facilities

We offer our own, expert take on DIY – offering monthly rentals of space within separate self-storage units, which means that we provide clients with individual, enclosed, lockable rooms in which to house their belongings on a month-to-month basis, whilst all the tasks associated with the storage are dependent on the temporary tenant/client.

Clients are responsible for bringing the possessions that they wish to store to our premises themselves, pack items and goods into the unit, and lock it up for safekeeping – all by themselves – with the emphasis being on self-help or self-service, as in DIY.  

Consequently, our clients and/or their appointed representatives are the only people who have access to the relevant, exclusive-use self-storage unit/s, which is an additional safety and security measure, irrespective of whether the unit is packed to the rafters, completely full, or half empty. There are no massive warehouses in which multiple clients share a common, expansive space.

Conveniently Located, Secure Premises

You have the choice of two conveniently located safe and secure premises, in Silverton and in Montana, Pretoria. In Silverton, there are 530 x 18 m2 units. Montana features 330 units, with varying sizes of 18 m2 to 72 m2. All are constructed of neat, solid face-brick and are surrounded by fully paved access roadways. Units are easy to maintain and keep tidy and in pristine condition.

They are behind secure perimeter walls or palisade fence barriers.

Rentals are low and affordable. Additionally, no rental deposit is required to make use of our secure services and spaces. When you require additional space to safely house your goods, our self-storage units provide your DIY solution for almost anything that is not currently in use but is, nevertheless, valuable to you.

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