Self Storage Units

Self-Storage Units – Secure, Sensible Solutions

Mega Storage is a specialised provider of affordable, purpose-built self-storage units,available at two premises in the Pretoria area. This is not just a side-line operation for us at Mega; it’s a serious business that is committed to its speciality – the rental of modern, sturdy, quality self-storage units,for the safekeeping of your presently-unused possessions.

We’ve found that many clients, who are making use of our services for the very first time, have had to confront several questions and considerations prior to approaching Mega for practical, affordable and safe solutions, without depriving themselves of access to their goods and our premises for the duration of their rental period.

What Do You Do?

What do you do when you have possessions that aren’t currently in use? Are you living or working in untidy clutter, or do you take a ruthless approach – load unused items onto a bakkie or truck, and take the lot away to offload at the nearest municipal dump, getting rid of everything forever?

Household Items

If your extraneous goods consist of household items, you may decide that your garage is your best self-storage bet, your best available interim solution, only to find that all too soon, it also becomes a semi-permanent or permanent problem. Now, your vehicles are parked outdoors.

Unprotected vehicles are always dusty, dirty and, to all appearances, reflect lack of care. Caravans and trailers take up space, presenting another storage problem. You may only use them once, or a few times annually, so consider selling them.

Selling “Second-hand” Goods

Once you’ve taken possession of something you’ve acquired, it’s considered second-hand, no longer brand, spanking new. Perhaps you should sell possessions that you’ve not used for ages. Unless the items for which you require extra space are antique, vintage or have collectable value, you run the risk of getting next to nothing when you sell them.

Pretty much the same applies to the unused contents of factories and offices, across the board. Ideally, selling such goods should only take place as a last resort, after careful consideration.

Relocation and moving is another issue that often calls for the use of self-storage units when there is a gap between moving out of original premises and occupying a new space or place.

Emphasis on “Self”

Whatever your self-storage unit needs, bring your goods and move them into one or more Mega units, for secure state-of-the-art safekeeping. At Mega, we don’t ask you for a deposit. Affordable rentals are charged on a month-to-month basis, and you’ll have ample access toour premises and your possessions, as, if and when you wish. At Mega Storage, there are only a few limitations in place for practical and security reasons, since the emphasis is on “self”– that’s you and/or your authorised representative.

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