Self-Storage Units

Preferred Self-Storage Units

Throughout the world, mankind lives very much in consumer-driven societies. In South Africa, it is no different. Like elsewhere, South Africans tend to go out and buy whatever they need or want; most things are available within this country. If not, it’s very quick, easy and convenient to buy from overseas sources online.

Consequently, most of us own a multitude of items that we don’t use regularly, but prefer to keep, sometimes only for just in case…

Overcrowded and Cluttered

The result? Our homes and home-based self-storage options – garages and garden sheds – become overcrowded and cluttered with unused, extra, or seldom-used possessions, which are too good to sell as second-hand, for next-to-nothing. At workplaces, such as offices and industrial premises, frequently also seem to collect all sorts of items for which storageis insufficient.

A Mega Problem

It appears to be an integral aspect of human nature to have a strong, inbuilt sense of propriety over one’s possessions, as one rightly should, particularly when hard-earned money has been spent on acquiring them. However, living or working in chaotic clutter is hardly ideal. It seems that you have a mega problem.

What do you do? Where, in the pricey Gauteng area, do you go with all this excess stuff? How do you solve your mega issue, without dumping or selling your excess or occasionally-used items?

Your Mega Solution

First and foremost, don’t stress. There is a Mega solution for your mega storageconundrum, and this solution is known as Mega Storage,our concern, which consists of two separate secure self-storage premises in two of the City of Pretoria’s suburbs – Silverton and Montana, respectively.

Exclusive Units

Moreover, both of these sites feature hundreds of individual, exclusive-use units,in which clients store whatever goods which they cannot currently accommodate suitably or safely.

  • No shared space in conjunction with others
  • Only you or your keyholder have access to your unit
  • Tenants have access to units whenever they like, within our normal operational and security parameters
  • Low monthly rentals
  • No deposit required
  • 24/7 security
  • Total number of units860; Silverton has 530 and Montana features 330 units
  • Self-storage units sizes vary between 18m2 and 72m2, providing our clients with many options

Problem-Free Peace of Mind

Whether your need to find extra space for files, documents, office furniture and equipment, machinery and tools, household contents, camping and sports equipment, lawnmowers, vehicles or trailers, or if you are moving to new premises that are not yet ready for your occupancy, your mega problem is mega no more.

Our Mega self-storage units see to the secure safe-keeping of your possessions and your peace of mind, knowing that you and you alone have access to the items that you’ve secured in our sturdy, neatly-constructed units.

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