Storage Facilities

Moderate and Mega-Sized Storage Facilities

Hiring storage facilitiescan be quite an expensive exercise. Before making any over-hasty decisions about the amenities you select, there are a few important factors which you should consider.

Factors Worth Considering

Important as it is, particularly in the current South African economy, avoid making your choice purely on the basis of affordability in isolation. Other factors to consider include:

  • What you wish to store, including the amount and approximate volume that you expect the goods to occupy when stored.
  • The size and number of storage facilities on offer, especially if they’re enclosed, because you must have sufficient space to suit your requirements.
  • Is there a waiting list or can you get a vacant unit immediately or at short notice?
  • What is the value of possessions to be placed inside the facility and is there adequate security?
  • Are fully enclosed, lock-up spaces available?
  • Is the perimeter secured?
  • When are you permitted to have access to the premises or are your possessions off-limits while housed and stowed by a warehousing provider or moving company?
  • Would self-storage suit your requirements better, so that you may have access to your possessions whenever you please?
  • Is there a choice of the premises’ location or area?
  • Are the premises easily and conveniently accessible?
  • Is the facility’sowner or manager easily contactable?
  • Is a deposit required?

The storage industry has grown and diversified from what it once was in Pretoria and other South African cities. Long ago, you needed a family or friend with a large piece of open land, a barn, or extra garages to accommodate your goods that weren’t in use. As furniture-removal and office-moving companies became established in the country and they began competing with one another for business, they expanded their packing and moving services to include storagein restricted sections of their own warehouses.

Why Choose Us

Convenient self-storage was the next service to evolve and that’s precisely what we offer at Mega Storage in Silverton and Montana, Pretoria. Both individually managed facilities require no deposit, are safe and secure, and permit access via the main gates from 06:00 to 18:00, seven days per week from Mondays to Sundays, for your ultimate convenience.

There are 530 18-m2 units on offer at our Silverton premises. Montana features 330 units of varying sizes, ranging between 18 and 72 m2.Your belongings will be accessibly housed in our secure facilities and available when needed. Contact us today for more information on our facilities and we’ll gladly assist you.

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